Things to consider when purchasing packaging

November 21, 2023

Factor in lead time for design, manufacturing, and shipping

Developing packaging is a process that requires considerable time and planning. We advise allowing up to three months from the initial design phase to manufacturing and shipping to ensure timely receipt of your packaging.

This can be challenging for cannabis brands, as they often have to gauge their product volumes in real time. A product anticipated to sell 10,000 units in a month might end up selling 50,000, That’s why having a responsive, adaptable, caring, and long-term committed partner is crucial.”

The process is particularly intricate for new products needing specific or custom packaging. It involves more than just design and production; ample lead time is essential.

For new product launches, there’s a lot to consider. We need to design, engineer, and ensure the packaging passes child-resistant testing. For this testing, It actually required 50 children to attempt opening the packaging. Only then do we move to manufacturing and shipping.

Look for sustainable minimalist packaging орtions

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a focal point in the cannabis industry, often discussed in relation to the high energy usage of cultivation and production facilities. However, packaging is another critical area where sustainability matters, as it can contribute significantly to waste.

Seek out packaging providers that offer sustainable options like tin packaging and zero-plastic solutions, which are designed for infinite recyclability. In some states, sustainability is even becoming a part of regulatory requirements.

Sustainable packaging isn’t just about reducing waste; it’s also a marketing tool. It communicates the positive impact your brand is achieving by choosing these options.

Despite the higher cost of sustainable packaging, research indicates that consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for products that have a beneficial environmental impact. Brands can showcase their commitment to sustainability by adding a QR code on their product labels. This code could link to a brief video detailing the benefits of their sustainable packaging choices. Не refers to this approach as “video-enabled sustainable packaging” and sees it as a potential key strategy in cannabis marketing.

Widespread adoption of video-enabled sustainable packaging among cannabis brands helps to cast the industry in a positive light as one that cares about its impact, packaging can not only raise awareness but also inspire other brands and act as a catalyst for more sustainable practices in the industry.

What to look for in a cannabis packaging provider?

Effective child-resistant packaging options

Among the top priorities when it comes to cannabis packaging is making sure it is child-resistant. For some types of products, this can be challenging, but any good cannabis packaging provider should have these options available for every type of product, from flowers to edibles.

Child-resistant packaging for products like aspirin didn’t have such an emphasis on aesthetics. But for cannabis products, consumers expect more eye-catching visuals as they weigh their options.

State-by-state regulatory knowledge

The regulatory landscape for the cannabis industry is highly variable across different states, making compliance a top concern for businesses in this sector. Navigating this patchwork of regulations is crucial, particularly for companies operating in multiple states. It’s essential to collaborate with packaging suppliers who are well-versed in the specific regulations of your state.

The uniqueness of this situation in the cannabis industry is that you have to adhere to diverse regulations in various states, which is quite unusual compared to other industries. For example, when you launch a product in a national chain like Walmart, you don’t face the same level of state-by-state legal variation.

Packaging requirements can differ significantly from state to state. Some states mandate tamper-evident packaging, while others specify that packaging should be translucent or opaque, often requiring it to be in white or black. There are also states with more relaxed regulations, allowing for greater freedom in branding. Labeling, too, is closely regulated, with specific requirements for the information presented, and the size and type of font used. A knowledgeable packaging provider can be invaluable in navigating these varied and complex compliance issues.

Domestic and overseas manufacturing capabilities

Facing the current challenges in the supply chain, partnering with a packaging provider that lacks complete control over its manufacturing facilities abroad can result in delays and complications in shipping. It’s advisable to select a packaging provider that possesses some domestic production capabilities, especially for situations where you need an expedited order.

The advantage of local production in the cannabis industry, stating, For cannabis, having packaging produced domestically makes the supply chain more agile.

However, the option to manufacture overseas shouldn’t be discounted when time constraints are less pressing. Generally, overseas production is more cost-effective, offering savings when there’s no immediate rush for the packaging. Opt for a provider that can offer both domestic and overseas manufacturing options, ensuring you have the greatest flexibility in managing your packaging needs.

Custom service based on your needs

Every cannabis company is unique, necessitating the selection of a packaging provider that can tailor their services to your specific requirements. While some brands come with fully developed brand and packaging designs, others may require assistance in conceptualizing their packaging’s appearance. It’s crucial that your packaging provider is flexible and can adjust to your needs.

This diversity in needs. The requirements of a company can vary widely. If you have an established creative studio and marketing team, design services might not be necessary for you. However, for those without an in-house branding and marketing team, a custom cannabis pack offers a design studio capable of crafting that for you.

Long-term and effective business model

Some packaging companies may simply execute your order and conclude the transaction, while others adopt a more partnership-oriented approach. Companies that focus on fostering a long-term, consultative relationship typically provide superior customer service, along with more insightful guidance and advice, and quicker service compared to those handling one-time jobs. For those aiming to develop a cohesive brand, establishing a long-term connection with your packaging provider is key.

Underscores the importance of this approach, stating, The most crucial aspect is to align with a partner who is invested in a long-term relationship. Packaging companies sometimes are perceived negatively for seeking quick sales and showing disinterest in clients who aren’t placing large orders immediately.

It’s beneficial to seek out companies that value building relationships and sharing their knowledge and expertise. Packaging providers possess a unique insight into the industry and should offer more than mere order fulfillment. They can assist in refining your packaging design and provide advice on order quantities for new products, for instance. Having a trusted partner means you can rely on their recommendations with confidence.

Following the Way in Cannabis Packaging

CCP has delivered labeling and packaging solutions to consumer products manufacturers for decades and we apply that expertise to the cannabis industry.

Our flexible packaging capabilities are ideally suited for cannabis products. CCP offers multiple types of barrier film, including opaque and transparent options. We also hold the critical CFR16.1700.20 certification for child-resistant Poison Prevention Packaging.

Looking for something other than a pouch? Taylor offers nearly everything that a cannabis producer might need to take a product to market including:

  • Custom folding paperboard cartons
  • Prime labels and compliance labels
  • Mylar Bag
  • Blister packs
  • Child Resistant Packaging
  • Pre-roll Packaging

Keep your brand one step ahead of the competition in the highly competitive cannabis marketplace while working with a single vendor partner. Contact a ССР representative to learn about our many cannabis packaging solutions.