Pop Top Pre Roll Tubes

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    The Pre-Roll Snap-Pack is an economical, easy-opening, packaging option for pre-roll multi-packs. This pre-roll packaging can hold up to 10 half-gram 84mm cones. The pre-roll snap-pack is child-resistant and is currently in CPSC/ISO testing. The plug seals on the cap of the packaging help to keep your flower fresh in each pre-roll. The pre-roll packaging ergonomic design allows it to comfortably fit in your pocket and feel natural in your hand.

    Child Resistant Pop Top Container

    Pop-top containers, often used for storing pre-roll cannabis cones, are a popular choice due to their child-resistant design and ease of use. These containers are designed to be opened by squeezing the sides near the top, which "pops" the lid open, hence the name "pop top." Many pop-top containers are certified child-resistant, meeting the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700 for poison prevention packaging.

    Variety of Colors

    We have pop tubes in clear, white, grape purple, blueberry blue, lime green, orange, gold, silver, and black to meet a variety of branding needs! All color options other than the clear are opaque, which makes them compliant in even the strictest cannabis markets. 116mm size is suitable for a full-size 1-gram pre-roll.

    Customizable In-Mold Labeling

    In-Mold Labeling (IML) offers a sleek and efficient solution for branding pre-roll tubes, providing a range of customizable label more shelf appealing. With choices that include foil, matte, and gloss finishes, brands can create a distinctive and attractive presence on the shelf. IML integrates the label seamlessly into the tube during the manufacturing process, eliminating the need for any additional labeling except for variable testing data once the tubes arrive at your facility. This process not only reduces the time and labor involved but also cuts costs, enhancing your profit margins. Moreover, IML labels are formed from the same polypropylene material as the tube itself, ensuring the label is as durable as the container with no concerns of peeling or color fading over time.

    Customized Size


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    Child-resistant pre-roll pop-top tube is made of polypropylene tube. From high-quality materials to ensure a high-quality finished product. The pop-top maintains enough resistance to be certified child-resistant while being easy to open for adult users. This keeps cannabis out of little hands, but easily accessible to the adults who use it. Our one-step process produces the tube, branding, and lid as one piece of plastic that is sustainable, cost-friendly, and easily customized.

    “Single Child-Resistant Pre-Roll
    Tube Container.”