Glass Tube

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    The Pre-Roll Snap-Pack is an economical, easy-opening, packaging option for pre-roll multi-packs. This pre-roll packaging can hold up to 10 half-gram 84mm cones. The pre-roll snap-pack is child-resistant and is currently in CPSC/ISO testing. The plug seals on the cap of the packaging help to keep your flower fresh in each pre-roll. The pre-roll packaging ergonomic design allows it to comfortably fit in your pocket and feel natural in your hand.

    Glass Tube With Different Caps

    Glass pre-roll tubes with different sorts of caps, like push-and-turn-resistant cap, cork cap, bamboo cap, and silver/gold tin caps. Glass tube has a heavier feel and a more premium look. It can be airtight to keep the freshness of marijuana flower-infused pre-roll joint tubes.

    Custom Labels

    We have one layer, two layers, three layers, and 5 layers of labels. Each label can be UV printed, SPOT UV, Holographic, Embossing, Hot Stamped, or other finishes to grab consumer attention. We can produce the labels that meet your exact specifications meanwhile MOQ is just 100pcs, which can be finished in just 2 days. Also, labels with series numbers can be provided. Your luxurious glass tubes need a fancy label dressed up!

    Label Application

    Saving your cost or time on label application, We have rich experience in label application. First, we make sure the surface of the glass tube is smooth without any dust, oil, or moisture to ensure proper adhesion. Second, the label can be removable without leaving residue. Before mass production, Finally, creating prototypes and conducting adhesion and durability tests is often necessary. We not only print the labels but also tapered fit to our glass tubes to the exact position. Of course, the adhesive is strong and long-lasting to keep your brand label never falling apart.

    Customized Size


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    Custom Glass Tube for Marijuana Infused Pre-Roll Joint Tubes
    Glass provides an airtight seal, keeping the cannabis fresh by preventing air from getting in and drying out the product. Glass is a hard, durable material that can protect the pre-roll from being crushed or damaged during transportation and handling. Besides, glass cannot absorb smells and keep strong odors. Material is reused and sustainable, and transparent clear can allow the consumer to see the cannabis product without opening. Despite these advantages, there are also downsides to glass packaging, such as increased weight and the potential for breakage, which could lead to higher shipping costs. Our engineer will work with you to solve the issue. The premium product needs a premium glass tube.