Custom Cannabis Labelling

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    The Smoke Temple pre-rolled cross-cone is a work of art and will elevate any smoke scent to the next level! Able to hold up to 3 grams of flower, remove the paper insert from the middle and sides of the cross cone, fill it with cannabis, and then ask a friend to help you light all 3 sides at once!

    Why Custom Labels?

    Absolutely, custom pre-roll labels offer a range of benefits for cannabis packaging, especially for products like joint tubes, blunt tubes, multi-packs, glass jars, mylar bags, and paper box packages. We can apply the labels on the pre-roll tubes, glass, or plastic, seamless fit, and a professional look. Multi-packs offers more space for creative designs of label, glass jars with clear labels will be preferable. Mylar bags adhere labels with metallic finish will make the product stand out. The same plain paper packaging boxes can share labels with different ingredients or other texts.

    Custom Labels

    We can provide the die-cut of customized shapes or sizes of labels for filling the design. Also, we can print the label with series numbers that can be scanned, like tamper-evident labels. Foiling, SPOT UV, and embossing can be a premium option. Leather, fabric, paper, or clear film can be optional. One layer to a maximum of five layers of labels with different texts printed are our unique features. Our team can help you from design to the samples and final product.

    Produce It

    Once the design is created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, we are ready to select material and adhesive selection. The common materials include paper, vinyl, polyester, and ВОРР (biaxially oriented polypropylene). The adhesive should be suitable for the packaging material and the conditions in which the product will be stored and used. We have digital printing for small orders, offset printing for big quantities, and metallic color printing. Label application manually or with automated label applicators, depending on the scale of your operation.

    Label Application Services

    We have the equipment and manpower to handle large-scale labeling in-house. We have manual label applications, semi-automatic applications, and fully automatic applications. The application can be done to the mylar bag, plastic tube glass tube, and postage boxes. Rich experience in adapting different shapes of labels on different types of containers seamlessly. Updated machines make sure labels are applied without any bubbles, wrinkles, or misalignment. You can be assured that our label application service is in compliance with all necessary regulations.

    Customized Size

    90mm Tube Label

    98-100mm Tube Label

    110-114mm Tube Label

    116-120mm Tube Label

    Wide Tube Label

    Extra Wide Tube Label


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