Cannabis Tin Boxes

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    The Smoke Temple pre-rolled cross-cone is a work of art and will elevate any smoke scent to the next level! Able to hold up to 3 grams of flower, remove the paper insert from the middle and sides of the cross cone, fill it with cannabis, and then ask a friend to help you light all 3 sides at once!

    Multi-Pack Tin Boxes

    Our tin boxes can be branded with your logo or design, customized sizes for 5-7 pre-roll cones, or edible packaging like gummy, candies with food-grade liner inside. The small retroflip tin box has better protection than paper, low energy power consumption, and keeps products fresh. The material can be reusability and eco-friendly, and more and more brands tend to proceed with tin packaging boxes.

    Child Resistant

    For tin boxes, we have a slide and lock mechanism, push tab, and lift flip-top tin boxes. child-resistant mechanisms are carefully designed to ensure they are not only secure from children but also accessible to adults, including the elderly or those with disabilities. We have a catalog of several types of child-resistant tin box packaging. Molds at stock can save costs.

    Fully Customized

    Our tin box can be unbranded plain silver or black with just a label on it. Also, we have various different styles of tin boxes like clamshells, slider lock mechanisms, lid lift-off, circles, and others. Our engineer can work with you to find out the best tin box models. We are proud to be a reputable packaging supplier who can navigate the complexities of design, safety, and regulatory compliance. We can guide you through the process, from initial concept to final production, ensuring that your customized packaging meets your needs and industry standards.

    Customized Size:

    5x84mm Cones
    Box Size:62.6x96.6x21.5mm

    5x98mm Cones
    Box Size:62.6x96.6x21.5mm

    5x109mm Cones
    Box Size:114x74x15.5mm

    14x84mm Cones (Double-Stacked)
    Box Size:62.6x96.6x21.5mm

    14x98mm Cones (Double-Stacked)
    Box Size:62.6x96.6x21.5mm

    24x109mm Cones
    (Without Dividers; Double-Stacked)
    Box Size:107x107x19.5mm


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