Quality Control

A culture dedicated to quality in all details

Our Quality Policy

At CCP, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional packaging solutions to our clients. Our commitment to quality control is a fundamental aspect of our business operations. Good quality packaging has a direct impact on the brand’s success and reputation. Therefore we establish a comprehensive quality control policy to ensure that packaging solutions can meet stringent standards.

How We Keep Quality Control

Supplier Selection

Our sourcing process involves an in-depth assessment of manufacturing practices, certifications, quality control procedures, and supplier chain transparency. Once we select a supplier, we will establish clear contractual agreements that outline quality standards, lead time, packaging details, pricing, payment terms, and other conditions. Our engineer will have all the details discussed with them about samples and prototypes.

Production Inspection

We continue developing inspection criteria on child-resistant, tamper-evident seals, barrier properties, labeling, and packaging.
We create inspection checklists. A detailed checklist covering all aspects of packaging like color printing, visual appearance, functionality, packaging integrity, and other regulatory requirement.

Performance Testing

Conducting cannabis packaging inspection is crucial to ensure compliance with regulations, product safety, and quality. Packaging plays a critical role in the protection of customers. We will do child resistance testing in compliance with AMS D3475-15, 16CFR Part 1700, EN 14375, or CAN-Z761.-06. Besides, we will test material durability, UV light resistance, drop testing, and heat or cold resistance.

Testing Laboratory

Besides using third-party labs, we have our own testing equipment to ensure quality.

  • Airtight/Leak Testing
  • Drop Testing
  • Heat and Cold Glue Testing
  • Color-Analytic Scanning
  • Color Anti-Sun Testing
  • Label Scanning Testing

Focus on Quality

Our team makes sure to put the quality over the price.
Persistent quality product and reliable supplier to deliver on time is most important. We ensure our client’s needs are clearly understood and matched with the right manufacturer.

We are your qualified packaging product in China.