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Mockups & Prototyping

Mock-up is the key step in decision-making on the CBD Packaging process after the price is agreed on. The unboxing experience you want to provide to your customer is the moment of truth, also an inflection point where your brand can win.

Pre-production samples and prototypes crafted for every brand

Cannabis packaging especially child proof packaging has to be ensured to meet regulatory and consumer standard. With 3 engineers and full facility on sampling, we can surely provide you a cost effective packaging solution and deliver samples in short time.

Paper Packaging Mockup

3D Interactive sample Fender; Artwork/layout testing; No print sample box evaluation; Printed sample final approval; Production sample before delivery.

Tinplate/Aluminium Prototype

3D molded sketching design; Mold sourcing or customized; Plain tin mockups testing; Printed tin box verified; Final sample box before mass production.

Mylar Pouches

Template, dimension, and design filled; Function checked and 3D design confirmed; Plain white pouch testing; Digital mylar bag verified Pre-production sample finally approved.

Wholeset Sample & Prototype Package

We provide customized CBD packaging solutions. Samples and prototypes are one of our dedicated packaging services.
We can feel your concern and remove any packaging difficulty before mass production, without any mistakes or delay.

More details like sizes, structure, styles to be further discussed

What You Need to Know About Creating
the Perfect CBD Packaging

Whether you’re considering switching suppliers, redesigning your current packaging, or launching a new product line, the process of prototyping—or creating samples—is a critical juncture. Sampling serves as a decision-making process. Our expertise helps you reach the perfect prototype efficiently and on time.

What is a CBD Packaging Prototype?

A CBD retail packaging prototype is the pre-production of 11 samples of what your mass production will look like.
  • Off-the-shelf prototypes L enable you to touch and evaluate the packaging with a limited set of customization, including material, size and structure, and craft quality.
  • Vector files used in printing and graphic design. The diecut line is used as a guideline to build the box, for the final 3D view will show you what your packaging will look like in digital format.
  • Pre-Production mockups, process, time, and associated fees depend on your project, greatly impacted by the material, finishes, molds, and accessories required to complete.
  • Packaging prototype is physical with low cost but critical for us to have a final agreement with the clients. Meanwhile, much easier to proceed into mass production with no mistakes.

How Your CBD Packaging Prototype Goes from Specification to Top-of-Production

With an in-depth understanding of your volume, budget, vision, and timeline, we will provide the most cost-efficient packaging solutions as well as practical manufacturing processes to deliver quality qualified packaging.

How do we keep control the process of prototyping and deliver qualified products:

  • Initial and general requests and consultation with our sales representative.
  • Engineer breaks down details into specifications, and further adjusts and finalizes the plan. Designers work with you on print-ready files like color codes, and finishes.
  • Samples 100% in line with requirements before signed off. With samples, factories follow up with our leads to the source material, make plates, color printing, die-cut mold, and assembling tests. Delivering qualified products with optimized efficiency.
  • If you want to bring something new to the table, we are pleased to start the new packaging project with you, even if it is tough, costly, and time-consuming.

How to Optimize the Prototyping Process:
Our 5 Simple, Time-Tested Tips

We want to be strategic partners with our clients and devote the time and resources necessary to fully understand and grow your business.
Decades of practice have taught us that communication in the prototyping process is key.

  • Overcommunication: Gather as much information as possible, avoid black-and-forth, and save time. It is never too bothering to talk about all the details.
  • Transparency: We provide all information like time frame, pricing, expectations, and the whole procedure. You always know the status of your project and what to expect.
  • Planning and Communication: No matter whether your packaging program has multiple items or a single item, our experts will always provide you with a plan for decisions on dimension, colors, branding assets, assembling, and more.
  • A proactive approach: Our team is always ready for challenges, bringing packaging new to replace the existing items, having rich experience in navigating all the specifications, and delivering samples with a perfect unboxing experience in a short time.
  • A large base of professional suppliers combined: We have a wide and strong network of reliable and trusted packaging manufactures to meet your expectations, and we have rich experience to bring them together to deliver high qualified prototypes or mass productions.

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