Key Trends in Cannabis Labelling & Packaging

November 21, 2023

The cannabis industry is experiencing explosive growth thanks to a shift toward legalization. Worldwide cannabis sales – including flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals and tinctures – reached $28 billion in 2022 and are on pace to top $80 billion by 2027.
The need to effectively bring cannabis products to the market has led to a significant growth in the cannabis packaging sector. Currently, this market is experiencing a robust expansion, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) exceeding 17%. It’s projected that by 2032, the global cannabis packaging industry will exceed a value of $2.5 billion.

When executed skillfully, cannabis packaging can significantly improve the consumer experience and foster brand loyalty. To maintain a competitive edge and increase your market share in this evolving landscape, it’s crucial to stay informed about three key trends in cannabis packaging. These trends are essential in shaping strategic decisions in this sector.

Top Trends in Both Design and Packaging

The cannabis industry has witnessed a significant influx of new brands, each bringing their unique approach to product presentation. While some brands continue to embrace the traditional marijuana leaf motif in their packaging, others are venturing into more inventive and creative packaging designs.
Such innovative packaging not only distinguishes these brands from competitors that might appear less sophisticated or lower quality, but it also plays a crucial role in forging robust connections with customers. This creative approach to packaging design is vital for standing out in a crowded market and establishing a strong brand identity.

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Move to modern, slick, and minimalist design

Modern minimalist packaging focuses on simplicity in design. This means less clutter, fewer colors, and a more straightforward approach to branding. Neutral color palettes,black, white , gray and earth tones are still popular. Focus on typography, typography still on the center stage with clean, crispy fonts to carefully spaced.

Move to premium with rich color

The use of rich, deep colors adds a sense of luxury and quality,incorporating intricate and sophisticated pattern,like geometric, floral, or abstract, and are often used to create a background layer or to accentuate specific areas of the packaging.

Move to eye-catching and nature

Specializing in cannabis-infused edibles,they utilize eye-catching and vibrant packaging designs that convey their product’s flavor profiles effectively. Instead of going for luxury, they use earthy colors and symbols from nature to emphasize the origins of their product. 

Move to more clear and clean,straightforward

The packaging design distinguishes itself through the use of vivid, bold colors, complemented by clear, concise details regarding the product’s effects and strength. Opting for a direct and straightforward approach, the brand presents its products exclusively in chart forms.

The packaging’s design philosophy is straightforward – select the desired effect, and the appropriate cannabis product is available to fulfill that need.