Cannabis edible packaging refers to the specialized packaging used for cannabis-infused edible products. These products can range from baked goods, gummies, chocolates, mints, beverages, and more. Since these edibles contain cannabis extracts (like THC and/or CBD), the packaging is subject to stringent regulations that vary by jurisdiction.Cannabis edible packaging includes packaging for baked goods infused with cannabis, candies and gummies packaging, chocolate box, capules/pills packaging, beverage packaging, mints and lozenge packages, powders packaging ect.We have over 500+ different packaging models, volumes and sizes available, a catalog of all edible packaging can be provided, your brand packaging is our priority.

Smell Proof Bags

Smell proof pouches Used for candies, gummies Chocolate or other product Packaging

Diecut Carton Boxes

 Diecut branded paperboard box folding boxes made of fsc paper and soybean ink for food grade packaging

Cannabis Tin Box

Flower, pre-roll joint boxes candy, gummy, packaging a convenient and safe storage way

Dropper Bottle

Tincture small dropper bottle box packaging leak-proof and protect product from light Degradation

Labeling Requirement

Label applied on the poptop or glass car containers both plain poptop container and label application provided

Reversible Cap Vials

Push and screw reversible caps can be child resistant and printed cap


The worldwide market for cannabis and marijuana is booming, and the popularity of edibles such as CBD-infused baked goods and candies is soaring.To meet this demand, manufacturers must prioritize the safety and security of these products during transit and storage, as they are inherently delicate and require special handling.


  • Plain packaging and labelling for all cannabis products with restrictions on logos, colours, and branding.
  • Cannabis ediblepackaged in a child-resistant container and be labelled with the standardized cannabis symbol, the mandatory health warning message, and include specific product information (e.g., brand name of the cannabis product, class of cannabis, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) information, licence holder information).
  • Shipping containers such as outer wrappings or boxes used to transport cannabis products, or a crate in a transport trucknot restricted


Our packaging solutions are meticulously crafted to adhere to the stringent standards set by North American regulations, guaranteeing that your cannabis packaging is always in compliance. Every packaging style we offer has been certified as child-resistant and is customizable to ensure the end product perfectly aligns with your specific needs.

 Examples of child resistant packagings we have so far

A locking drawer box tends to have a smart and simple design: a top sleeve with lock mechanism, sliding inner box and removable multi-pack insert. This locking system involves a push mechanism on both sides with one hand and meanwhile to pull out by the other hand. Suited for cbd-infused products, pre roll or vape cartridge.


Tins can keep product from damage and freshness in longer time than paper. A standard circular tin may have a push and turn lid, while rectangle tin with a hinged lid have locking Mechanism at the front. We need to push in and unlock. Tin can be recyclable, printed and hot stamped, embossing and long shelf life. Despite the high cost on mold cost, metal tin Becomes popular.


Bags are a great option for cannabis edible brands, because they can be manufactured to suit single-use or multi-use products. Single-use bags may be fully sealed, requiring scissors (or adult hands) to open. Multi-use bags may come with a child-resistant zipper or another form of resealable closure.It is flexible, light weighted, airtight, tamper-evident and much lower price with MOQ 1000pcs. Also prototype is faster with small amount of test charge.

Discover your child-safe packaging solution with CCP

At CCP, we have dedicated years to mastering the art of packaging and gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the diverse cannabis regulations throughout North America. We recognize that the constantly evolving and diverse regulatory landscape can be daunting, especially for new brand owners, and that is where we step in to assist you. Our packaging solutions are meticulously crafted to adhere to the stringent standards set by North American regulations, guaranteeing that your cannabis packaging is always in compliance. Every packaging style we offer has been certified as child-resistant and is customizable to ensure the end product perfectly aligns with your specific needs.


What specific regulations pertain to the packaging of cannabis edibles?

Regulations surrounding cannabis edible packaging are often comprehensive and can vary by region. Typically, they include requirements for child-resistant packaging, accurate and clear labeling of THC content, and inclusion of warning labels pertaining to the effects of cannabis consumption. Additionally, some jurisdictions may impose restrictions on packaging designs that could be deemed appealing to children.

How is the efficacy of child-resistant packaging validated?

Child-resistant packaging must comply with the standards and protocols established by regulatory bodies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the United States. This often involves rigorous testing, where a panel of children is monitored to gauge their ability to open the packaging within a defined time frame. Furthermore, a panel of adults is evaluated to ensure that they can competently open and close the packaging as per the instructions.

Can your blister packs be used as molds for my edibles?

Yes, our blister packs are designed to be versatile and can indeed be utilized as molds for your edibles. Utilizing our blister packs as molds for your products will streamline your production process, resulting in considerable savings in both time and financial resources. It is also worth noting that AssurPack® blisters are highly acclaimed and have received the highest possible rating (F=1) from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, ensuring that your products will be packaged in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

What is the best packaging for cannabis gummies?

Common packaging options for cannabis gummies include child-resistant pouches, jars, and tins, all of which can be customized to meet your specific needs. It’s important to consult with a packaging expert or supplier who understands the cannabis industry and can guide you to the best solution for your product.

I have to two packages that I want approved, do I need to submit two applications?

It depends on the regulations of the specific agency or entity to which you are submitting the packaging for approval. In some cases, you may be able to submit a single application that includes multiple packaging options. In other cases, you may need to submit separate applications for each package. It is best to consult the guidelines provided by the regulatory body or reach out to their customer service for clarification on the application process.